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Human rights protection, including the rights to clean environment, safe working conditions, non-discrimination and adherence to ethical standards are the key criteria of Seligdar Holding in doing business.

Seligdar’s business relies on human rights and freedoms protection in accordance with the principles and standards of international law and legislation of the Russian Federation.

In the domain of regulation of employment relations and the upholding rights and freedoms of employees, the Seligdar Holding relies on the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, Federal Law No. 181-FZ of July 17, 1999 ‘On the Fundamentals of Occupational Health in the Russian Federation’, Federal Law No. 82-FZ of April 30, 1999 ‘On the Guarantees of Rights of Indigenous Small-Numbered Peoples of the Russian Federation’, as well as the Conventions and recommendations of the International Labour Organisation ratified by the Russian Federation.

Apart from mandatory compliance with the requirements of the Russian and international law on human rights, the Holding’s management and employees rely on the internal documents which define human rights:

  • Information Policy
  • Anti-Corruption Policy
  • Time Tracking Regulations
  • Code of Conduct
  • Regulations on Social Protection of Employees of Seligdar PJSC and Its Subsidiaries

The observance of human rights in the Company is secured by regulations that guarantee social protection and assessment of the legitimacy of decisions made in the field of HR policy, as well as by building credibility and transparent relations with employees.

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