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Procurement principles

The purpose of procurement management is a timely and uninterruptible provision of quality goods, works and services to the Holding’s companies. To simplify work with partners, the Holding has introduced uniform procurement standards.

All trading procedures are carried out through the Fabrikant and B2B-Center e-trading marketplaces and provide optimal conditions for purchasing activities.

Main principles of procurement:

Open and transparent procurement
procedures at all stages

Equal opportunities for all procurement participants,
fully competitive selection and absence of discrimination
and unreasonable restrictions in relation to suppliers,
purchased goods, services, etc.

Targeted and efficient spending of funds
for the purchase of goods, works, services

Reducing the Holding's costs by choosing
the best technological and commercial solutions
for the entire set of price and non-price criteria that
determine the effectiveness of the purchase

Control over procurement by the management
of the Holding, prevention of errors, corruption
and abuses in the field of procurement

Control over procurement by
shareholders of Seligdar PJSC

The selection of suppliers (contractors) for the purchases at a cost exceeding 1.5 million Russian roubles is carried out by the Single Procurement Committee of Seligdar PJSC.

The Committee forms the criteria for price, quality and reliability, the procurement schedule, considers applications for participation in procurement, selects procurement participants, evaluates and compares applications of participants, determines the winners of procurement.

The Company uses following procurement methods to carry out procurement as envisioned by the internal Procurement Regulations:

  • request for proposals
    • open request for proposals through e-trading marketplaces;
    • closed request for proposals;
  • competitive negotiations;
  • purchase from the sole supplier.

The main criteria influencing the choice of procurement methods other than open tendering are:

  • Unique solution for the market;
  • Level of technological complexity of purchased products;
  • Requirements for the operation of purchased products;
  • Time limits for obtaining/implementing the solution;
  • Confidentiality necessary in the interests of the Company.

The criteria for determining the best offer are: the best balance between technological advantages, quality, price, delivery time and payment terms.

The best offer is considered to be the offer that satisfies the requirements of the tender documentation to the maximum extent, and received the highest aggregate score based on the results of the assessment against the approved criteria.

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