• GOLD: $ 2472.42 +0.61%
  • SELG: 58.39 ₽ +3.2%
  • ROLO: 0.82 ₽ +0.02%

Operations and projects


  • Location
    Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
  • Deposits
10,000 kg
Expected gold production per year
175,262 kg
C1 + C2 gold reserves as at January 1, 2023
Start of the project

October, 2021 - White Gold LLC, a company of the Seligdar Holding, won the auction for the Kyuchus deposit

Power supply

Consumption of at least 35 MW of electricity generated by a Small Modular Reactor Nuclear Power Plant (SMR NPP).

January 2022 - an Agreement on the Supply and Consumption of Energy generated by a SMR NPP to develop the deposit was signed with Rusatom Overseas JSC (State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom). Energy supply period is 40 years starting June 30, 2028.


for open-pit mining 109 t
for underground mining 66 t
total balance reserves 175 t
off-balance reserves for underground mining 3 t
prognostic resources 253 t

* Russian classification compliant with the State Commission on Mineral Reserves (GKZ) reporting system.

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