• GOLD: $ 2472.42 +0.61%
  • SELG: 58.39 ₽ +3.2%
  • ROLO: 0.82 ₽ +0.02%

Operations and projects


  • Location
    Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
  • Mining
  • Deposits
  • Processing
    Heap leaching, gold processing plant
2,522 kg
gold production in 2022
6,438 kg
C1 + C2 gold reserves as at January 1, 2023

The ore reserves and mineral resources were audited in accordance with the guidelines of the JORC Code. The Probable reserves were estimated at 12,746 kg of gold; Indicated resources, at 16,209 kg of gold.

The gold processing plant at the Ryabinovoye deposit was built in 2 years and commissioned in 2017. The design processing capacity of 1 million tonnes of ore per year was increased to 1.6 million tonnes per year. In 2021, a decision was made to gradually increase the plant's capacity to 1.8 million tonnes of ore per year. In 2021, a semi-dry tailings storage facility was put into operation at the Ryabinovoye deposit. This facility will significantly reduce capital expenditures for the construction and maintenance of the tailing dam, as well as reduce the impact on the environment.


Production complex
2020 2021 2022
Run-of-mine material thousand m³ 5,300 6,307 6,021
Ore mined thousand t 2,420 8,797 4,641
Ore stockpiled thousand t 882 1,000 1,160
Ore processed at gold processing plant thousand t 1,487 1,434 1,508
Doré gold produced kg 2,582 2,833 2,518
Gold produced kg 2,572 2,840 2,522

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