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Safe working environment, maximum reduction in occupational injuries and diseases at operations are one of priorities of the Seligdar Holding.

Employees are fully provided with personal protective equipment and workwear according to season. Doctors and paramedics work at each production site in modern medical stations equipped with everything necessary. Employees undergo daily as well as pre-shit and post-shift medical screening. Training on the principles of industrial safety for new employees takes place at the places of their future work. The Industrial safety department of the Holding provides additional training for employees and managers, trains their interaction in case of accidents and other off-planned situations, and trains rescue teams.

Seligdar PJSC implements the best management standards in the field of industrial safety.

The Holding’s companies implemented Occupational Health and Industrial Safety Management Systems aimed preventing accidents and incidents at hazardous production facilities, containment and elimination the implications of such accidents.

The existing occupational health and safety (H&S) management system of the Holding was developed in conformity with the requirements of international provisions and standards, as well as Russian legislative acts:

  • No. 155 Occupational Safety and Health Convention, adopted by the International Labour Organisation;
  • Labour Code of the Russian Federation;
  • Federal Law No. 116-FZ of 21 July 1997 ‘On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities’.

The Holding entities have in place a number of internal regulatory documents, which govern the existing occupational health and safety management system:

  • Regulations on Occupational Safety Management System;
  • Regulations on Allocation of Occupational Safety Responsibilities Among Officers;
  • Regulations on Health and Safety Department;
  • Regulations on Industrial Safety Management System;
  • Regulations on Production Control of Compliance with Industrial Safety Requirements;
  • Regulations on Industrial Safety Division;
  • Regulations on Procedure for Investigating the Causes of Incidents at Hazardous Production Facilities.
Occupational health and safety management
Responsible person/department Area of Responsibility
  • overall management and organisation of health and safety management process
Chief Engineer
  • development, implementation, maintenance in good working order, analysis of functioning and improvement of health and safety management systems

Industrial safety and production control division
  • control of compliance with the requirements of Occupational Health and Industrial Safety Management Systems
  • production control of industrial safety requirements in the operation of hazardous production facilities
  • analysis of occupational health, industrial and fire safety, development and implementation of measures to improve them

Monitoring and efficiency assessment of the implemented system of occupational health and industrial safety takes place on an ongoing basis.

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