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About company

Our mission is to promote prosperity of people, local regions, and the country and to create value for our shareholders through development of gold and tin mining by the Holding’s companies.

We set our goals high and succeed; we increase production volumes and seek to strengthen our position within the mining industry while looking for new opportunities for growth.
We constantly work to improve efficiency by introduction of cutting-edge technologies, operations enhancement and high professional competence of our team.
The Company’s operations are built on reliability, safety, environmental and social responsibility, creation of favourable environment for our employees to stimulate their personal and professional growth.

Sustainable Development Strategy

Technological effectiveness
Mindful choice of the best available technological practices and optimisation of current operational processes.
Financial efficiency
Positive economic effect and cost minimisation at each stage of the technological process, increased efficiency of financial management, and effective debt management.
High quality management
use of modern management techniques and KPIs
Infrastructure and sustainable growth
Comprehensive use of current infrastructure and sustainable development ensured by replenishment and expansion of the reserve base of the Holding.

The company aims to become the leader in innovations corresponding to its technological demands and possibilities

Parameters of the Sustainable Development Strategy


  • Reserve base maintenance for at least 15 years of operation
  • Annual replacement of depleted reserves through exploration and acquisition
  • Search for assets with reserves of higher than current grade
  • JORC-compliant audit of deposits with more than 10 tonnes of gold reserves and more than 30 thousand tonnes of tin reserve


  • Efficient use of existing infrastructure
  • Improvement of quality of project solutions
  • Two-year rolling production scheduling
  • Labour productivity of 3-4 kg of gold and 5 thousand tonnes of ore an employee-year


  • Gold production: 10 tonnes per year
  • Tin production: 6 thousand tonnes per year
  • Full production cost up to 700 USD/oz of gold and up to 10,000 USD/tonne of tin


  • Debt/EBITDA < 2
  • Debt ≤ 50% of annual revenue
  • Project financing
  • Dividend yield target of 5% of the Company’s capitalisation


  • Advanced mining methods
  • Higher yield of processing and recovery
  • Automation of management, recording and design; implementation of cutting-edge telemetry methods


  • Compliance with advanced lean production methods
  • Mitigation of environmental impact
  • Personnel development programme in the regions of operations

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