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  • SELG: 77.21 ₽ -2.61%
  • ROLO: 1.16 ₽ -2.81%


Seligdar continues modernisation of Sininda production complex


Polymetallic Holding Seligdar pursues modernisation of the Sininda production complex for the second year. The main aim of modernisation is to enhance productivity of the complex. The multidimensional programme of technical re-equipment includes upgrade of the gold processing plant and mine, renewal of tunnelling and mining machinery fleet.

In 2023, a new additional vertical centrifugal crusher was installed; it allows to decrease ore grain size from 15 to 5 mm and, thus, reduce wearing of the ball mill. Furthermore, two new refuelling vehicles and a new loader were purchased to facilitate ore supply to the plant.

This year four new mining machinery units were bought; they allow increasing speed and volume of mine development works, preparatory and rock mining works: a mining bolter, a hole drilling rig, a load haul dumper and a haul truck. As a result, volume of mined ore grew by 20%.

As a result of the current modernisation of the plant, the ore processing volume of the Sininda production complex is planned to increase by almost 15% in 2024.

To ensure employee safety the mine is now equipped with a geolocation system that allows a dispatcher to track location of workers under the ground and to contact them at any moment.

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