• GOLD: $ 2423.46 -0.12%
  • SELG: 77.21 ₽ -2.61%
  • ROLO: 1.16 ₽ -2.81%

Operations and projects

Growth and prospective projects of the gold division
(exploration and projects)


Kyuchus Reserves: 175.3 t of gold
Khvoynoye (Nizhne-Yakokitskoye ore field) Gold processing plant is under construction
Yasnaya polyana
Purikanskaya area
Khokhoy ore field Joint venture with Rosgeologia JSC
Chulkovskaya area Joint venture with Rosgeologia JSC
Shkolnoye Joint venture with RusGeoResurs JSC
Gonam river

Altai Region

Vostochny allotment
Semenovskaya area
Kuryinskaya area

Orenburg Region

Vasin Reserves 44.3 t of gold
Anikhovskiy graben

Growth and prospective projects of the tin division
(exploration and projects)


Pyrkakay stockworks reserves 243.4 thousand t of tin, 16 thousand t of tungsten trioxide

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