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Seligdar supported Northern Baikal traditional fishing


Seligdar Polymetallic Holding (hereafter Seligdar) became a sponsor of a traditional fishing called Northern Baikal, which took place in water bodies of the Slyudyansky lakes in the Northern Baikal district of Buryatia.

The fishing festival on the Baikal Lake became one of the most popular annual regional folk festivals of the Republic that traditionally attracts thousands of tourists, participants and guests of all ages.

During the day, the festival guests participated in the intensive cultural programme: ski racing; snow sculpture contest; horseback, reindeer sleigh, snowmobile and hovercraft riding. Besides extensive musical programme and pop music performances, a special interest was related to presentation of the national traditions, which included not only introduction to original Evenk crafts but also tasting of national dishes.

Igor Pukhaev, head of the municipal district Northern Baikal district, stated:

We are grateful to Seligdar for the support of a number of social initiatives including cultural entertainment events for the people. Seligdar traditionally provides financial support to the festival and participates in the winners’ award ceremony. We hope to further develop our cooperation’.

The traditional winter fishing Northern Baikal is supported by the Government of the Republic of Buryatia and the People’s Khural of the Republic of Buryatia.

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