• GOLD: $ 2422.73 -0.15%
  • SELG: 77.05 ₽ -2.81%
  • ROLO: 1.16 ₽ -2.81%


Seligdar confirmed its leadership in the RBC and NCR ESG index


Seligdar PJSC, Russian gold and tin producer, is included for a second year in a row in the category I ‘high level’ of the ESG index of companies produced by RBC and credit rating agency National Credit Ratings (NCR).

The index includes 114 Russian large and medium-sized companies from various sectors of the economy including banking, mining and agrocultural sectors, metallurgy, construction, telecommunications and energy. The index was calculated on the basis of the survey data. The index methodology considers three components (environmental, social and governance) with floating weights depending on industry. Based on the results obtained, companies in the index were split into three categories based on the level of compliance with environmental, social and governance standards: high, above average, and average level.

The inclusion of Seligdar for a second year in a row in the category I ‘high level’ of the RBC and NCR ESG index is an evidence that we follow the best practices in ecological and social areas as well as that in the field of corporate governance. Our regional outreach, dialogue with local governments and local organisations have been building for years and works as one well-oiled machine. Seligdar pays much attention to motivation of employees, youth engagement and attraction of local residents to work for the Company. High level of corporate disclosure and other ESG parameters let us receive deep appreciation that we deserved’, emphasized CEO of Seligdar PJSC Sergey Tatarinov.

More information about the ESG index is available on the web site of credit rating agency NCR or RBC.Trends (in Russian).

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