• GOLD: $ 2472.42 +0.61%
  • SELG: 58.39 ₽ +3.2%
  • ROLO: 0.82 ₽ +0.02%


Rating Agency Expert RA assigned ‘ruA+ (EXP)’ Expected Credit Rating to GOLD03 series gold bonds


Rating Agency Expert RA assigned expected credit rating of ‘ruA+ (EXP)’ to GOLD03 series gold bonds of Seligdar Polymetallic Holding (hereafter Seligdar; MOEX: SELG).

The preliminary date for bookbuilding is June, 18. Term to maturity of the bonds is 5.25 years. Coupon payment period is 91 days. Coupon rate guidance is 5.50% per year. Planned issue volume will be set later.

The first (GOLD01) and second (GOLD02) issues were placed in May and December of 2023 respectively. Seligdar attracted more than 15 thousand new investors that purchased over 3,380 kg of gold. Seligdar became a pioneer on the financial market with an offer of a new financial instrument for savings in gold. The product allows bondholders to acquire the equivalent of 1 gramme of gold at exchange prices as bond principal, as well as to receive coupon income.

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