OJSC «Seligdar»

Corporate actions /October 2009/

1. Presently Seligdar shares are quoted at Russian Trading System (RTS) under Guaranteed Quoting System ( http://www.rts.ru/ru/securityresults.html?issue=SELG ). Measures are taken to prepare the shares for registration as listed securities in the listing “B” of RTS securities. The documents for inclusion into the list were submitted to the trading system. The listing procedure is scheduled to be completed in November 2009.

2. “National Rating Agency” LLC assigned to the Seligdar group an individual rating corresponding to A group of credit solvency – high credit solvency, third level in the credit rating of the non-financial enterprises. The assigned rating allows performing the process of listing of the Seligdar Gold bonds of third series in the A1 list, which will substantially increase the liquidity of the papers.

3. BDO-Unicom completed the audit of the consolidated financial statements of Seligdar holding for 2008 produced according to IFRS standards. According to the statements, the revenues of the company for the year amounted to 70.1 million US dollars, EBITDA – to 27.0 million US dollars, net financial debt – to 77.4 million US dollars.

4. Seligdar OJSC received the first tranche in the amount of 26 million US dollars in the framework of the credit line opened by Sberbank for the total of 80 million US dollars. The credit is intended for replacement of the existing credits and for financing of the capital costs of construction of the new facilities at Ryabinovoye and Lunnoye sites. The interest rate is 11% annually, period – 2 years.


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